Competitive excellence through community-driven values.
Nova is a mobile-focused esports organization committed to empowering individuals through a supportive team environment.
We look for talent that has the character to back it up. That talent is cultivated and supported through team-based growth strategies and passionate staff that care about player outcomes.

Community is the foundation of those outcomes and is the core of player dedication.


Nova Esports is a dominant force in the most widespread mobile game ever created; Clash Royale, and have successfully expanded into a variety of other major titles. We pride ourselves on bringing together a team of individuals with a passion for gaming, each with unique strengths and expertise. From winning major live events and organizing significant online leagues, to dominating in game rankings. Nova consistently excels in the mobile esports arena. But what truly differentiates Nova is our belief in catering to a diversity of regions and cultures, making us the most internationally diverse eSports Organization. With numerous top 10 in game global teams and a multitude of top ranked regional clans. Nova has representation in every major esports market in the world.



The Nova team hails from a variety of different backgrounds and each individual brings a unique element to the table which allow us to thrive and grow. Nova Esports was initially founded by Anthony Yeung and his management team of Francis, Trevor and Richard, later bringing on others who share their passion for the game, including Oktay, Matthew and Steven. Nova was created as a top clan family in Clash Royale in May of 2016, and quickly grew to well beyond what anyone could have ever dreamed possible. After enormous success in game, Nova made the transition to become a true competitor by establishing itself as an esports organization in September of 2016. Since then Nova has continued to dominate the competitive scene of Clash Royale and is soon looking to expand into other competitive arenas.



In addition to competing, we recognize the importance of engaging with the community on a meaningful level. As such, we’ve developed a team of Content Creators and key influencers who have amassed enormous followings totalling millions of subscribers and hundreds of thousands of followers. Our stellar roster of YouTubers and Streamers allows us to create entertaining and informative content for the gaming community while also allowing us to engage with them on a more personal level than otherwise possible. We believe strongly in supporting our team, and in turn the believe in us. By working collaboratively with our content creators and other partners we are able to promote each other’s growth and accomplish as a team what is often impossible as individuals.



With a strong foundation already established in Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, Nova Esports intends to focus in on Mobile Esports and expand our presence into other games. Titles we will be looking into include Hearthstone, Free Fire and any others that we feel have true potential as an esport. If you'd like to get in touch regarding our expansions feel free to reach out to us through our contact form.

Our goal is to expand from being the biggest brand in the biggest mobile game, to being the biggest Brand in what we believe is the future of esports, Mobile.