Introducing Our New Nova Creative Team


Every brand goes through times where they take a step back, look at themselves in the mirror, and say: “What is it we’re trying to do here?"What is our greater purpose?"

These questions occurred to us here at Nova so many times in the past months, and the funny thing is, we always come back to the same answer: To have fun!

Our goal of having fun led us to venture outside our normal bubble, far detached from the normal business model we were used to. We're incredibly excited to announce this project that we at Nova eSports have been working to bring to you.

Without further delay, we would love to welcome and introduce our Nova Creative Team!

These individuals aren't your ordinary content creators. These are dedicated artists creating content throughout different games, countries, skillsets and languages. It's not about building a huge following—it's about building a community and connecting people.

We have a goal of bringing together unique individuals that share our fundamental values:

  • Being creative,

  • Being a good person,

  • Having a desire to teach and be taught.

  • Drive to create a family-friendly environment,

And, most importantly...

  • To have fun!


Over the next few weeks, we will be formally introducing each and every member of the Nova Creative Team, welcoming these guys and gals to the #NovaFam!

Keep your eyes peeled, because this crew is going to bring you some absolutely amazing content! We will continue to welcome those seeking mentorship and strive to build a better community. Will you join us?


Thanks for reading, and see you in the arena!

Nova eSports