The Crown Podcast: 2.6 Hog Cycle With Hazard

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This episode we dive into 2.6 Hog Cycle with Hazard of Nova eSports. We discuss basic strategy, deck match ups, switching your play style, and some tricky combos. Pick up some tips and jump into this fun, fast, and technical deck. The cards you need are Hog Rider, Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, Skeletons, Musketeer, Canon, Fireball, and The Log. Don’t worry if you are missing The Log, because Zap makes a great substitute.

Hazard and SushiPayPay have just released an in depth guide to 2.6 Hog Cycle. Check it out at:


Hazard is a top 20 global player for Nova eSports, and a streamer on Twitch TV. He first got noticed when he was competing in the Northern Arena Tournament. After which he received an offer to join Nova. You can find him streaming daily on Twitch 4pm-6pm EST.




Nova eSports is a dominant force in the most widespread mobile game ever created; Clash Royale. We pride ourselves on bringing together a team of individuals with a passion for gaming, each with unique strengths and expertise. From winning major live events and organizing significant online leagues, to dominating in game rankings, Nova consistently excels in the mobile eSports arena.




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