Nova acquires Vainglory team, looking beyond the arena and into the Fold

Nova eSports's newest acquisition didn't, by most people's surprise, come from Clash Royale, instead, Nova found its newest addition in a 3v3 MOBA called Vainglory!

The Rage Pingers and their all-star lineup caught Nova's attention after an impressive early season performance in VIS64. After signing with Nova, this massively skilled team went on to defeat top eSports org,, to qualify for the Vainglory8. There they'll compete against massive names in eSports such as TSM and Tempo Storm. The future is truly bright for this team and its members.


Meet The Team


š † α r ß ⊕ ï- former member of TSM and trained under FlashX who has clearly had a significant influence on his play and work ethic. He is a great leader and is the foundation of the team, providing stability both inside and outside of the game. He plays the captain (roam) position.


Truth - known as "the prodigy" has the potential to be the best player in North America, if not the world. He's is young, talented, and works hard. He plays the carry (lane) position.


The Big Dog 大狗 - a veteran pro player, he has played since the game's release. He has had an incredible amount of success in the competitive scene, and plays the jungle position.

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Eddyal-  A youngster with a lot of potential. While generally unknown, Eddyal has proven that he can compete with the best of them when the stakes are high. His primary position is Jungle, but can hold his own in all positions.

AnnaMarey- the team analyst and content creator. She is able to play all positions and has a great understanding of the game. The analytical mindset combined with the content creation and connections within the community make her an unparalleled asset for the team.

Together they make

The Rage Pingers

but together we are