Sometimes Your Biggest Fan Lives Next Door

Truly one of our biggest fans!

Truly one of our biggest fans!

When you're a professional athlete you would expect to find fans from all over the world, but that's not exactly the case when it comes to eSports. Recently my mother moved in with us (wife and two kids) and when she picked up my son from the bus stop down the street, she overheard a couple of kids talking about a game on their phone. To their surprise, she knew the exact game, mainly because she has the pleasure of sitting here and listening to me each night talking about it.

So when she expressed her knowledge on the matter and explained her son worked for this group called "Nova or something like that" one of the kid's eyes lit up! He explained how much of a fan he is of Nova eSports and Clash Royale. After talking the rest of the way home she came to realize it was a passion shared by both both him and his dad.

Now we couldn't just ignore some of our true fans and wanted to show some support so we secretly ordered two jerseys for them. Today they got their jerseys delivered and wished one of our best players, CMcHugh, good luck this weekend at the Clash Royale Crown Championship.


Thank you to all the fans out there who support us and our players. You never know when you might get a knock on your door to find us there with a jersey!