Got what it takes to be a pro player? | Nova x Path2Pro

path2pro logo.png

Nova eSports is proud to announce that we're partnering with Plexchat to bring you Path2Pro, where aspiring competitive players will compete for a chance to be scouted by three of the largest organizations in Clash Royale: Nova, Team Queso, and Tribe Gaming!

Players will be given the chance to show off their skills in open qualifiers, and the winners of the final bracket stage will advance onto tryouts for each team, where we'll decide whether we want to sign the newfound talent onto any of our teams.

We truly believe that Path2Pro will allow us to discover talented players and give them a chance to compete at a professional level - Nova's next superstar could be YOU!


Sign up by downloading Plexchat on Android or iOS and then visiting!

Sign ups are open until January 28th - please consult the full schedule above.

See you in the arena!