New Website is Now Live


3 months ago Nova realized we needed a big change, and so began a mission to rebrand ourselves and to rethink our approach to Clash Royale and eSports as a whole. Since then Nova has become a bastion of competitive play and is one of the most significant driving forces behind the push to make Clash Royale, this game we love, a true eSport. By rebuilding our hope is to be able to fully communicate our passion for competitive play and to be able to engage with the eSports community on a deeper level. 


What you see today is only the beginning. We still have some big plans for, with tons of new features on the way:

CONTENT - Expect new content every single week. We want to provide you with the best content possible so you can stay engaged both with Clash Royale and Nova eSports. Nova eSports boasts an incredible roster of some of the world's best players, and we intend on leveraging those players to provide the most in depth strategic content possible. 

SHOP - We love Nova, and we know a lot of you out there do too. Expect to be able to show off that Nova love soon with some awesome Nova swag including jerseys, shirts, hats and more.

LESSONS - Clash Royale can be a hard game to improve in and it's easy to get stuck. Expect to be able to purchase lessons with some of the best players in Clash Royale by the end of March.

CR ESPORTS HUB - An incredible amount of interest exists for Clash Royale eSports, but we know it's hard to stay up to date with so much going on in the community. We want to help with that by creating a single location where you can learn about all the most important events happening in the scene.

FORUM - We love it when we hear from you, but we also know that it's hard to get a real conversation going just in the comments of blog posts. Expect a forum where you can engage with the rest of the Nova community and talk everything from strategy to Clash Royale conspiracy theories (what's really under that Pekka suit...).


Matthew Jones