Announcing Nova Overwatch!


Nova Esports is very excited to announce the signing of our newest team, Nova Overwatch! Overwatch is an objective-based team shooter made by Blizzard, that is available on console and pc, and has grown to be one of the top esports in the world.  Overwatch has ranked in the top 5 most watched esports on Twitch for over the past half-year (source). Our #NovaOW roster can be seen in the picture below and consists of, from back left to right: SHIKI, OYO, NeXus, Blue, Craz1S, Won, and EastM.  YongFa, front second from left, is the Manager, and LanFeihong, front last on the right, is the Coach. 

ow roster pic.jpg

Overwatch Contenders Series

Nova Overwatch will be competing in the Pacific region of the Overwatch Contenders Series, where aspiring teams compete to enter the top Overwatch League.  Overwatch Contenders has a $3,300,000 total prize pool. #NovaOW will be competing in our first match in the Series tomorrow morning, at 9am EST.  You can match all of our matches here.  If you would like more information on the league, you can follow this link.  #NovaOW will compete once a week on every Friday or Saturday for 6 weeks. Make sure to show up and support our new team, and welcome them to the #NovaFam!