Clash Royale League Begins!


Nova’s Clash Royale team is set to compete in the China region of the Clash Royale League, an official competitive league created by Supercell, which is expected to be the biggest competitive league in Clash Royale to date.  The China region of CRL began March 23rd, and is held every Friday, Saturday, & Sunday starting at 18:30 CST (GMT +7) until May 20th, with the playoffs being held on June 2nd & 3rd.  Nova is competing against 7 other top teams from across China, and will face off against each of them twice in the regular season. Each match has 5 possible battles, with the first to 3 wins winning the match.  The battles go in this order: 1v1, 2v2, 1v1, 1v1, KOF.  You can find out more info here.

china crl teams.png

Nova's CRL team consists of 5 incredibly talented players and a world championship-tier Coach. It includes Nova_Aaron, Nova_YaoYao, Nova_Lciop, Nova_ Au1, and Nova_Legend, with Tali as the Coach.  Each player and Coach has an impressive competitive CR resume that certainly makes them a team to be feared and respected. 

nova crl team.png


Nova's CRL team started off the season vs Snake Esports this past Friday.  It was quite the back-and-forth battle, with Nova winning the first 1v1, then losing the 2v2 match and the second 1v1, before winning the third and final 1v1 to tie up the score 2-2.  Next came the KOF, where Lciop took over with two quick wins before falling, and with Au1 finishing off Snake Esports with a 3 crown to secure the 3-2 victory and Nova's first win of the season.

crl nova match 1 result.jpeg

In the second match of Week 1, Nova faced off vs EDG.M, and beat them with a quick 3-0 sweep.  This win put Nova tied for 1st place with WE.  Next week, Nova will face off vs WE where the winner will likely have sole possession of 1st place. While the season is still young, this match could have important ramifications based on WE's success in their first two matches.  If you'd like to watch future streams of CRL China, you can catch the action here. Come root on the Nova team! #NovaStrong

week 1 scoreboard.png