CRL China 2019 Spring Season Champions! | #NovaCR

We’re pleased to say that Nova Clash Royale has triumphed over the competition yet again to be the Clash Royale League China 2019 Spring Season Champions!


This title marks our fourth major CRL win - we also claimed the titles of CRL 2018 Spring and Fall Champions, and of course, CRL 2018 World Champions.

After a slow start to the season, Nova Clash Royale found their rhythm (with the help of our mid-season new addition, Unstoppable!) and ended the regular season in first place. We additionally qualify for the mid-season finals at WCG in Xi’an, China, through our undefeated playoff run!

We’re thrilled with our performance this split and we can’t wait for WCG to come - we’ll be eagerly watching CRL Asia and CRL West to scope out the competition, and hopefully claim the title of CRL World Champions yet again this year.

See you in the Arena!