CRL China Autumn Season Begins Tomorrow!


Get excited for the return of Clash Royale League China, as the Autumn season is set to begin tomorrow morning. We will be kicking it off with the first match of the season, facing OP, the 3rd place finisher from last season.  The match will start this Friday at 6:30am EST, and can be watched live at  We play our second match of the season this Sunday, vs Gen.G (formerly GO) at 6:30am EST. You can see the full schedule for the season off to the side. After finishing as the Champions in the Spring season of CRL China, how will we fare in the Autumn season? Needless to say expectations, and confidence, is high. 


CRL China Autumn Roster

Down below you can see our newly revamped roster for this season of CRL China. The core of our roster remains intact with the only new addition, for the moment, being Little Chen, who was arguably the best player on last season's 2nd best team GO.  We will also have Karnage, a renown Top ladder player, joining us later in the season.   We're very excited to see what this roster of talented players can accomplish this season. Stay tuned to our twitter @NovaEsportsTeam for more information on the CRL China season. #NovaStrong

nova roster.png

Format and Prize Pool

The Autumn season of CRL China will be following the same format as the Spring season, which is as follows.  Each match starts out with an individual best of 3, and then is followed by a best of 3 in 2v2 format, which must consist of different players from the first best of 3.  After that, there are 2 more individual best of 3s, and the match ends with a King of the Hill battle, where the first team to defeat all the enemy team's players wins.  The first team to 3 victories defeats the other team.  The prize pool for the Autumn season has increased compared to the Spring season, with over 1 million Yuan ($145,000) up for grabs and 500,000 Yuan going to the winner. Let's get excited for the new season of CRL China and cheer on #NovaCR as they try to repeat as Champions! 

nova celebrating.png
crl china schedule.png