CRL China Champions


Nova CR has been crowned the kings of Clash Royale League China! After beating LGD 3-0 in the Semi-Finals, they stopped GO in the Finals with a 3-1 victory.  With this win Nova CR is the champion of CRL China, qualifying them for CRL Worlds, and earning them ¥250,000 ($40,000)! #NovaStrong

Let's quickly recap each victory.


Semi-Finals vs LGD

For the first 1v1, Nova Legend faced off vs LGD Zero Two, where Legend had great usage of his Rascals to quickly overpower Zero Two for a 2-0 victory. Next, was the 2v2 portion.  Nova Au1 and Nova Lciop went against LGD Jiu.Bao and LGD Sweet Sheep.  This round lasted just as long as the one before, with another 2-0 victory for Nova, giving us our 9th 2v2 victory in a row. For the second 1v1, our MVP Lciop matched up vs LGD Jiu.Bao.  While this was a close match, Lciop used his supreme control skills to overcome Jiu.Bao for a 2-1 victory, giving Nova the 3-0 sweep over LGD. You can watch all of the matches here


Finals vs GO

In the first 1v1 it was again Legend who started for Nova, facing off vs GO's Shan Wang.  While Legend used Hog Rider this time, he again repeated a 2-0 victory to give Nova the first set.  In the second set, the 2v2, Nova's Lciop and Au1's 9 game win streak finally came to an end as GO won 2-0, tying the score up 1-1.  The third set was Lciop vs Little Chen, where Lciop was able to quickly get revenge, winning 2-0. This gave Nova the 2-1 lead, needing only 1 more win to be crowned CRL China champions.  The fourth set had Au1 against Fengshen in the last possible 1v1.  Au1 won the first game with a big prince charge, right as the game went into overtime. Then, with the pressure on, he mounted a huge push in the second game stacking up spear goblin after spear goblin, eventually completely overwhelming Fengshen and winning the last battle.  With this, Nova beat GO 3-1 and became the champions of CRL China.  You can watch all the matches here. #NovaStrong