CRL China Week 3 Recap

Week 3 of Clash Royale League China region is now behind us, with Nova sitting in 2nd place at 4-1.  How did we get there? Let's review.

Match 4: Nova Esports vs JD Gaming

jdg vs nova.jpg

Entering week 3 Nova was a perfect 3-0, with JDG on the other side of the spectrum sitting at 0-3.  While Nova was looking to further cement it's position on top of the leader boards, JDG was just looking to get on the scoreboard.  But today wasn't their day.  JDG managed to take the first set against Nova, but we came back with a vengeance winning the next 3 to claim the match 3-1 vs JDG.  

If you'd like to watch the full match of Nova vs JDG you can watch it here.  Alternatively, Nova's own Clash with Ash did a recap video, which you can watch here

jdg vs nova match win.jpg

Match 5: Nova Esports vs OP

op vs nova.jpg

After brushing off JDG, Nova Esports sat at 4-0, on top of leaderboards.  Their next opponent was no slouch though, with OP Elite being right on Nova's heels at 3-1. OP proved to be more prepared than Nova that day, as they beat us in a tough 0-3. We will be sure to use this loss as motivation to improve and get ready for next week. Even though both teams have the same record, OP now is in 1st place and Nova in 2nd, as OP has the tie-breaker over Nova. 

If you would like to watch the match between Nova and OP, you can find it here.

week 3 scoreboard.png

Week 4: What's Next?

go vs nova.jpg

In week 4, Nova plays another tough opponent as they face off vs the 4th place team, GO. Their match will start on 4/14 at 6:30pm HKT (UTC +8).  You can watch the live stream of the match here.  Be sure to show up and cheer Nova on as they try to regain 1st place! #NovaStrong

week 4 schedule.png