Nova Merges With Elite Gaming and Clash With Ash

Elite_Gaming_Announcement (1).png

Nova eSports is incredibly excited to announce the merger of Nova eSports, Elite Gaming and Clash With Ash. Future teams will compete under the Nova name and will be comprised of the best that each of the organizations has to offer. With this merge, Nova welcomes a top tier group of managers and players to the family, including Keyser, Drew and Keaten. These three accomplished managers will be taking the reins of Nova’s pro team and leading a massive restructuring effort, with Clash with Ash at the helm.

Elite Gaming is an organization that is known for and has prided itself on community. From day one they have pushed the concepts of a supportiveness, inclusivity and respect. They have injected these principles into every facet of their organization and have truly built a family because of it. With significant competitive successes to the EG name and a fan base of dedicated individuals, they have become one of the best known names in the Clash Royale community.

Nova has always pushed for the biggest competitive successes whenever possible, and has excelled in competitive arenas because of it, with numerous CCGS qualifiers and some of the most notable players in the world competing under the Nova name. That said, we have struggled to maintain an identity that we are satisfied with, and have not always been able to the create the environment that we feel is important to forming world-class team chemistry. This is an area that we feel Ash and his team can help us to not only strengthen, but excel.

Through this merging of giants, we plan to leverage the experience of the Elite Gaming team against the competitive structure and achievements of Nova to build what we believe will be the standard in mobile eSports. With a top tier roster of players and the right group of managers to support them, there will be no limits to what Nova can achieve.

We are truly excited for the future, and welcome all EG and Nova fans alike to join us for this new chapter.