Introducing Nova Esports' Brawl Stars Pro Team! | #NovaBrawl

Nova Esports is excited to announce that we’ve officially stepped into competitive Brawl Stars with the signing of a new team—welcome, #NovaBrawl!

Ever since Nova’s inception, we’ve had a thirst for competition and a passion for mobile gaming. No game encapsulates that spirit better than Brawl Stars, an epic 3v3 mobile battle arena, and with its recent global launch in December 2018, the time couldn’t be better to officially have a squad represent the #NovaFam in professional play.

Today, we’re proud to introduce SuperSai and ERIC_EX to the team! These two formidable competitors have showed off their finesse in tournaments time and time again, so we couldn’t be happier to welcome these two pros to the team.


SuperSai has a laundry list of competitive experience, as a finalist in over 15 competitive Brawl Stars tournaments and leagues! His personal best trophies is 15,000, reaching the top 5 ranking within the USA several times. You can catch him on Twitch, where he’s an affilate - check him out! You can also follow him on Twitter.

"I'm still awestruck - never thought I would be playing competitively for a game or for such a dominant organization, all alongside my friends. Literally, I couldn't ask for more. I am ready to embrace whatever the future of Brawl Stars embarks on all of us together." -SuperSai

ERIC_EX is a longtime Brawl Stars player, with the skill to show it. He achieved a personal best of 15,000 trophies with only 20 Brawlers, and has hit rank 1 global. He’s competed in a slew of competitive events, including the Red Bull M.E.O, where he placed in the top 16. Follow him on Twitter!

The second pair of players we welcomed to the Nova Brawl Stars squad are Portal and ShadowJutsu!

This double whammy of a pair have been playing with each other since beta launch—in fact, they're even best buddies and roommates, so their synergy is next level! We couldn't be happier with this pickup of two of the best players Brawl Stars has to offer.


ShadowJutsu has a long history as a professional player and already reps the Nova fam in competition. Most notably, he and his teammate Portal took the Runner-Up prize in the recent Red Bull M.E.O. tournament, battling hundreds of people to take home his share of the $32,000 prize pool! Follow him on Twitter.

“It’s incredible to think that this game I picked up for fun has brought me to where I am today. I can confidently say that I would’ve abandoned Brawl Stars if I didn’t have the privilege of playing alongside my best friend, Portal, every day. I feel fortunate to have him, and so many other friends and competitors, that fuel my passion for strategy, analysis, and overall improvement as I proudly represent Nova Esports!” -ShadowJutsu

Portal, in addition to his prowess as a pro player, is an infamous member of the /r/BrawlStars subreddit! He frequently posts analyses, gameplay ideas, and suggestions from a pro's perspective, and earns a ton of imaginary internet points doing so. Portal will also be acting as coach for the team, using his passion for excellence to boost our players' strategies and mechanics. Follow him on Twitter, or check him out on Reddit!

Brawl Stars is my passion. Representing the most dominant organization in the game is a dream come true, and being the face of the family I’ve grown to love and cherish is a complete and utter blessing. I hope to do them proud. I’m ready for this, and I’m ready for us to show just how strong Nova really is.” -Portal

The first two players we announced are Cori and Matteus, both boasting impressive achievements with the skills to back them up—we’re insanely proud of the squad we’ve built and we’re certain they’re unrivaled.


Cori’s a seasoned Brawl Stars veteran, with a whopping trophy record of over 15,000, in addition to finishing the ranked season in the top 10 five times! Already experienced in competitive play, Cori was a recent finalist in the top 32 teams of the Red Bull M.E.O Brawl Stars tournament. Follow him on Twitter!

“I’ve been playing Brawl Stars since it was in beta - to think that I’d be contracted by this amazing organization still feels like I’m dreaming. I’m beyond excited to work with my incredible teammates and compete in all the future leagues and tournaments. I can't wait for what the future holds for us!” -Cori

In addition to being a top-caliber player, you may already know Matteus from his Twitch streams! His personality and skilled play have earned him over 4,000 followers and 55,000 views, and he has an impressive trophy record of 15,366. He mostly streams at 8:00 am or 6:00 pm EST—follow him on Twitter to see when he’s live!

That wraps it up for the first two members of #NovaBrawl, but you can’t play squads with just two… which other Pro Brawlers do you want to see on the team?

Tweet us what you think @NovaEsportsTeam, and follow us to stay tuned on the latest #NovaBrawl news.