Introducing Our PUBG Mobile North American Team! | #NovaPUBGM

Nova Esports is excited to announce that we’ve entered the North American PUBG Mobile scene, with the acquisition of team Super Villains!

PUBG Mobile is one of the most beloved games in the world, with over 300 million downloads worldwide. With a flourishing esports scene in North America, and with the dominance of our new squad in competitions past and present, they were an obvious choice for Nova to bring to the family.

Our squad is made up of players Edwin, S4M, £pÎc, Cotto, and player/captain Beowulf. North American players may be familiar with their names already - they’ve been tearing up the NA competitive circuit and consistently rank high in the leaderboards.


Beowulf will also be acting as the team’s captain and in-game lead. He’s no stranger to competitive play - he was a former pro on the Vainglory and Critical Ops circuits. His PUBG Mobile experience includes:

  • 2nd place Star Challenge NA

  • 1st place Crew Challenge Season 2

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S4M, in addition to being a professional player, also creates PUBG Mobile content on Twitch and YouTube. His competitive achievements include:

  • 2nd place PWK + PWK MVP

  • G25 League Champion

  • NA Star Challenge LAN Champion

  • S2 Crew Challenge Champion

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Epic is a content creator and has a similar slew of competitive experience. His titles include:

  • Reign Pro League Champion

  • Wicked Vikendi Tournament Champion

  • DND Monday Night Tournament Champion

  • Top 5 kill rankings, in seasons 2-5

Check out his Omlet stream, YouTube, and Twitter!

Cotto’s titles in the professional PUBG Mobile circuit include:

  • NA Star Challenge Champion

  • Crew Challenge Champion

  • Top 5 kill rankings, in seasons 2-5

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Edwin’s competitive experience includes:

  • 2nd place, S2 Crew Challenge

  • 3rd place, Reign Pro League

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We’re insanely confident in our squad’s ability to obliterate the North American competition! They’re currently playing for keeps in the ESL Mobile Open and PUBG Mobile Club Open - follow our social media to hear the latest news on #NovaPUBGM.