Arena of Valor Pro Team Announcement

We are delighted to announce the signing of our pro team in Arena of Valor (AoV)! AoV is also known as Honor of Kings, a Chinese version of the game that has had huge success in China with an estimated 200 million monthly players, and rapidly growing competitive scene. AoV has a lot of potential as a mobile esport, and Nova is excited to put together this stacked roster to take on the competition and compete at the highest levels of the game.  Our roster includes Wouter “iFlekzz” Killaars, Duc Hieu “Darkbreaker” Nguyen, Sebastian “Y.01” Steinmetz, Demianenko “Cebkaje” Vsevlod, and Dawid “Crayen” Rudolphi, with Jay "Jay_Jessie" George as manager.



"I'm a former Mobile Legends Player and YouTuber with an 85% win rate in 3000 games. With this experience, I switched to AoV and we will try to dominate EU and maybe even the World Cup with Nova Esports! In my spare time I like to go out with friends and hang out."

YouTube: iFlekzz

Twitter: @iFlekzz



"I used to play League of Legends from s1-s3 and was top 100 in s2, so I'm pretty experienced with MOBAs. Besides gaming, I like to go to the gym.  I also used to do Hip Hop and Wing Tsun (Kung Fu)."

Twitter: @HieuNguyen995



"I've been playing MOBAs since Dota Warcraft mod, and have played basically every MOBA there is. I played League of Legends competitively, EPS for TT Esports, Heroes of the Storm for Meet Your Makers, but this is my first mobile MOBA. I've been playing AoV since December last year.  Outside of gaming, I like to hang out with my dog Pepe."

Twitter: @whyohone



"I'm an ex Pro player in Heroes of the Storm, I played for SK Gaming Team Empire and Virtue.Pro where I was captain for 1 and a half years.  6 months ago I started playing AoV and I strive to become the best in EU and at the World Cup.  In my spare time I keep it simple, and just chill with my girlfriend."

Twitter: @Cebkaje



"I played League of Legends for 5 years and was in master league. I like quantum physics, hanging out with friends, and jungling with Toro.  With that combination, I will lead my team to victory!"

Twitter: @_crayen


Keep up with the team! Make sure follow them on social media to watch their progress to the top of AoV. #NovaStrong