Nova eSports Takes King's Cup II: A Recap

Last weekend, the Clash Royale community saw perhaps its largest live competition yet - King's Cup II! A completely fresh take on a competitive tournament, King's Cup paired off 8 YouTubers (including Nova's own Clash With Ash) with already-established pro players, choosing a third teammate from a string of qualifiers broadcasted on YouTube Gaming. Nova brought out 8 of our pros to travel and battle live from Atlanta, Georgia for a share of the $200,000 prize pool!


Our pro players - Ace, Batman, Donkey Kong, AhCrap, B-rad, Trainer Luis, Tag, and Hazard - all  endured the grueling 5+ hours of qualifiers (each qualifier being a 1-hour in-game tournament), and in the end, 7 of our 8 players battled their way to the top 20 among a crowd of over 200. We're so incredibly proud of the performance of all of our players and hope they see this experience as a memorable one that helped them grow and mature as players.

Working their magic.

Working their magic.


Of the strenuous, top-tier competition in the top 20, three of our players made it out victorious and proceeded to the top 8 to duke it out on Sunday for the grand prize of $60000 - Ace, Donkey Kong, and Tag, who notably went undefeated in all his matches in the final heat! You can watch Tag's breakdown of King's Cup II on his channel by clicking here.

The YouTuber-Pro teams were given the choice of drafting their pick of 8 qualifying players from Day 1, picking in order based on their performance in a 2v2 bracket the previous day. Nova's own Ace was the obvious first pick for Team Tower Tornados, headed by YouTuber Clash With Cam and pro player CMcHugh. Tag joined Team Misplaced Rockets alongside Chief Pat and Oxalate, and Donkey Kong made for a great pick by the Meta Maulers, Molt and TMD YaoYao. Unfortunately, none of our players made it into the hands of Clash With Ash, Head of Content Creation at Nova, playing for Team Viva La Sparky!

The final bracket. Three of eight players qualified and one YouTuber are part of the #NovaFam!

The final bracket. Three of eight players qualified and one YouTuber are part of the #NovaFam!


All the hard hours of practice and determination paid off for our players, and their skill shined through despite the tough competition and unfamiliar stage. In the end, Team Misplaced Rockets and Team Tower Tornados tied for 7th place and took a cool $15000 each as a squad, while Team Meta Maulers placed 4th, earning $21000 to bring home! 



The final battle between Viva La Sparky (go Ash!) and the Sparky Masters left us all on the edge of our seats, but Nova's own Clash With Ash, alongside his teammates Surgical Goblin and newcomer Vulkan, came out victorious, winning a whopping $60000 as a team! We're insanely proud of Ash and his team's performance - truly the embodiment of


Good games to everyone who was there, and congratulations to all of the winners! We'd like to give a special thank you to everyone who was cheering our #NovaFam from home, and we'll take this event as a chance to improve and learn for the future.

We hope Supercell continues to support Clash Royale in the eSports scene, as King's Cup II was a prime example of how live tournaments can unite the community and be just as fun for the players as it is for folks watching at home.

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Thanks for reading, and see you in the arena!

Watch the full King's Cup 2 VOD below: