Nova eSports Announces Partnership With Raven

Nova eSports is incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Raven, a premiere jersey design and manufacturing company specializing in eSports jerseys. Working closely with the Raven team, we designed 2 brand new Nova eSports jerseys that you'll see adorned by the best players across all of Nova's games. 

Working with the Raven team has truly been an incredible experience and we look forward to all we can do together in the future. Check them out at and give them a follow @ravengg!

The classic Nova White's minimalist design keeps things simple, while allowing you to show off your Nova pride.

The Nova Midnight jersey is a take on the classic Nova jersey, but with a deep black that is sure to make heads to turn and really makes that Nova purple pop.


Raven is a trading name of NEEN Ltd. and we are a jersey design and manufacturing company that launched in 2014. We specialise in the production of eSports jerseys for all sorts of teams around the World. What makes us different than all the other jersey companies out there? The jerseys we produce are one-of-a-kind and have been crafted for the perfect fit, quality and durability – all at an affordable price. 

Not only do we offer top of the range jerseys, we are also a team of experienced designers who have worked with some of the biggest names in eSports over the years including Impact, Prophecy, Quantic, Strictly Business andmany more. So if you’re looking to get your team some brand new jerseys, get in
contact with us now.