Radio Royale - New Episode - Spicy Question Time

Supercell's third installment of Radio Royale is now up! 

This official Clash Royale podcast is presented by game team members Cip (artist) and Bangs (programmer), with special guest Stefu (designer).

Tune in to Radio Royale for a candid, ongoing chat about the development process.


Balancing is done by examining usage rate and win rate across different arenas

Usage Rates - Spells like Zap or Log naturally have a higher usage rate, while XBow has a low usage rate but high win rate (this indicates you need skill to use it)

Royal Giant Nerf - deploy time will go from 1 second to 2 seconds

Elite Barbarians Nerf -  4% health reduction and first hit will occur 0.1 seconds slower

No plans to redesign Sparky - It represents an all or nothing card

Tournaments do need a redesign, but no imminent changes incoming

Clash Royale uses an in-house engine developed originally for Clash of Clans

Legendary buildings - An ice wizard tower was considered, but it was overpowered, and the focus will be on offensive play moving forwards

"Your opponent disconnected" no longer appears for your opponent so that temporary disconnects cannot be taken advantage of

True blue/red is now fixed except for in very minor cases

In-game friends will be added soon, with date TBA

In the most recent patch, the targeting AI was revamped and an ice golem bug was fixed, however, this caused the Xbow/Dart goblin hit speed bug, which had to be patched quickly in a maintenance break (tweaked it)

Supercell games and updates always try to stay under 100 MB (which is the limit you can download without WiFi on the app store). This allows more people to play the game and is accomplished through background downloads that occur while playing the game

Interchangeable emotes are being explored

Public test realm would be very difficult to accomplish for mobile

They have personal bests just over 4000 trophies

Next update: new 2 vs 2 game mode is in the works!

Credit to /u/Snakeblood69 for initial summary