Nova & Sandstorm - A Shift in Focus

Sandstorm and Nova.png

From the inception of Clash Royale, ladder has been a major focal point for us. Early in the game, this was the only means of visible competition, but as it’s evolved, the eSports side has grown immensely. The major early game clans have faded, merged, or partnered to create new clans to stay atop of the Clash Royale in game ladder. However as the eSports and competitive side of CR has developed it’s important for the organizations inside of CR to develop and adapt accordingly.

Therefore, Nova eSports and Team Sandstorm are happy to announce that they will be working side by side in reallocating a large portion of their ladder resources into 2 areas we deem to be essential to the future of CR. The first will naturally be the competitive eSports scene, with both teams wanting to develop a professional CR eSports presence that is as dominant as our ladder presence has been. We both recognize the direction of the game and how it’s evolved, and our plan has always been to evolve with it. 

The next, and most important, aspect will be our community initiatives. We understand we are fortunate enough to have opportunities and a voice within CR that most teams do not. As such, we would like to help support this incredible community on a grander scale, and use our position to uplift them. We plan to find ways to give as much as we can to the incredible fans we already have in CR as well as to any new people who want to join in on this adventure with us.

To be clear, Nova and Sandstorm will remain rivals in the arena, and in every competitive aspect of both this game, and future ones. This is simply a joint realignment of our focuses to further support the growth of Clash Royale eSports (specifically team based) as well as to use our resources to support the community as a whole.

Clash On,

Nova eSports & Team Sandstorm