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Nova Clash Royale Team Overview

Nova has welcomed some phenomenal new additions to the Nova Family over the past week, so we thought this would be a great time for a recap. Our pro Clash Royale team has grown both in talent and diversity, with Nova taking on new international growth initiatives through the signing of top European and Latin American players.

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Nova eSports Takes King's Cup II: A Recap

Last weekend, the Clash Royale community saw perhaps its largest live competition yet - King's Cup II! A completely fresh take on a competitive tournament, King's Cup paired off 8 YouTubers (including Nova's own Clash With Ash) with already-established pro players, choosing a third teammate from a string of qualifiers broadcasted on YouTube Gaming. Nova brought out 8 of our pros to travel and battle live from Atlanta, Georgia for a share of the $200,000 prize pool!

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Sometimes Your Biggest Fan Lives Next Door

When she expressed her knowledge on the matter and explained her son worked for this group called "Nova or something like that" one of the kid's eyes lit up! He explained how much of a fan he is of Nova eSports and Clash Royale. After talking the rest of the way home she came to realize it was a passion shared by both both him and his dad.

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