Update: Balance Changes Coming! (3/13)

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"OUR THOUGHTS" are commentary provided on the update by Nova.

Note: These changes are not live yet! They're coming on 3/13.

The way we approach card balance in Clash Royale is a combination of playtesting and looking at the stats - in particular, card use rates and win rates. You can expect monthly balance changes to keep gameplay fine tuned and as fun as possible.

In this round of balance changes we're making a few smaller card tweaks for consistency and quality of life improvements.

OUR THOUGHTS OVERALL - This round of balance changes is largely about addressing inconsistencies and bugs in the game, without any real attempt to change the meta in any substantive way.

Executioner: Axe hit radius +10%

  • We're returning some of his former glory - his original lane control power - to compensate for the upcoming bug fixes.

  • OUR THOUGHTS - Executioner was plagued by bugs and was largely considered overpowered with its initial release. This should balance out the removal of those bugs.

The Log: Damage -4%, Range to 11.1 (from 11.6)

  • A bit less chip damage to towers and slightly shorter range will help tone down this highly used card.

  • OUR THOUGHTS - Nerfing a card without changing any direct interactions with other cards seems like a strange choice when Log is so dominant in the game, especially with the recent nerf of zap. That said, it's a good first step given that changing log interactions completely change the utility of the card, and could make it quickly unusable.

Arrows: Projectile speed +33%

  • Your Giant is often dead by the time Arrows land on the Minion Horde attacking him... so we're making them fly a bit quicker, seeing as not everyone is a Jedi.

  • OUR THOUGHTS - This is a great adjustment to make more alternatives to Log viable.

Clone: No longer resets charging troops (Princes, Sparky, etc.)

  • This is a nice quality of life improvement for the underused Clone spell. Troops affected by a Clone will no longer stop charging - be it a charging Prince or a charging-up Sparky. However, the Clones themselves will start charging from scratch, as if just deployed.

  • OUR THOUGHTS - This feels like more of a fix than a buff. It's unlikely this change will make Clone viable.

Lumberjack: Rage Duration +1.5sec and +0.5sec per level

  • This change is for consistency with the Rage spell, but it also serves as a little boost to the Lumberjack.

  • OUR THOUGHTS - The lumberjack as a troop alone can never be better than other troops, otherwise the added edition of its death effect would make it overpowered. Therefore it makes sense for Supercell to focus its buff on the death effect, but it is unlikely to bring Lumberjack into the meta just yet.

Bomb Tower: Projectile speed +66%

  • A slight boost to help the Bomb Tower hit faster moving targets.

  • OUR THOUGHTS - Again this feels more like a fix than a buff. This doesn't seem liek quite enough to make the Bomb Tower viable.

Electro Wizard: No longer permanently stuns

  • This is a fix and clarification of the stun/freeze mechanics: All stun/freeze effects will now pause the target's attack, causing them to retarget when they resume. Exceptions are Sparky, Inferno Tower and Inferno Dragon, which will still be reset by stun/freeze effects.

  • OUR THOUGHTS - This is just a fix, and something that should have been addressed in play testing prior to card release.

Tornado: Can be placed on top of buildings

  • Tornado still won't deal any damage to buildings (or pull them), but at least you'll be able to play it directly on top of them if you wish!

  • OUR THOUGHTS - This is a small quality of life improvement that really won't change tornado's usage.

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See you in the Arena,
The Clash Royale Team