Get to know Mautic...

Hi I'm Mautic AKA Chris. I am a PC/Mobile Gamer and I have a passion for competitive games! I used to be a huge Blizzard gamer (still am) playing World Of Warcraft, StarCraft 2 and Hearthstone to which I achieved Master League in StarCraft 2 (Top 2%), Hearthstone Legends Rank (Top 0.5%) and Gladitor Rank in Arena PVP In World Of Warcraft.

Any competitive game is right up my street so when Clash Royale came out I started playing it and I got addicted instantly! I stream Clash Royale on Twitch, which progressed to me commentating for many amazing leagues in Clash Royale, for example Royal Premier League, CRNation and Crown Championship Global Series 2017 Qualifer's. Normally in my spare time I continue with my passion for video editing and thumbnail design where I make Youtube video's for myself or have done video edits/designs for Pro Players/Streamers.

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