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Hey, I’m Brandon, a Clash Royale Youtuber AKA Nyteowl. My wife say’s I have sleeping problems and since the wife is always right I figured I might as well incorporate the name into my Youtube Name. I am absolutely addicted to Clash Royale, and growing up as a non-gamer I think I do decent at the game. Unfortunately my hectic work schedule and the mere fact that I have 5 kids prohibits me from branching into new games, but who knows what the future holds. 

My goal behind becoming a content creator was to bring Clash Royale gameplay and objects to LIFE. I have decent skills in the wood shop and first thought I needed to make a LEGENDARY CHEST! This became my first “Tutorial” on making a Clash Royale object, and from then I have made many other objects which include, the HOG HAMMER, Goblin Barrel, Dark Prince’s Lance, The Log, Battle Deck, Real Cards, Flying Machine, Rocket, Balloon, and probably a few more I’m forgetting. I enjoy helping other maintain a positive outlook on life and show that through my videos.