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My name is Drew, or more commonly known as, Clash With Surfnboy. I started my channel based off of my passion for Clash of Clans, and quickly transitioned to Clash Royale as my love for the game increased. 
I am a YouTuber, I post Clash Royale videos daily, as well as stream daily on Twitch. I cover free tournaments, challenges, ladder pushing, as well as some fun 2v2's with fans when we get the chance! 
I started my love of gaming with Clash of Clans. I played since the first couple months of the game. I played for about five years, where I helped create some of the top clans on the leader boards. I also played competitively and pushed the leader board every season for top 100 global. My biggest achievement was finishing top 30 in the world. Since then, I have moved on to Clash Royale as my love for the game increased. I now post daily Clash Royale videos with guides, tips and tricks, early update information, as well as entertaining deck videos. On stream I cover all of that information, and MORE!
It's been nice getting to know you, and I can't wait to see you on YouTube and Twitch!

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